the web changes (will change) our whole philosophy from realism to valuing feelings and community

he is extremist in his rejection of realism

can our philosophy actually change in the short term?

he doesn't think private property has to be the center of our value system--many people may disagree with that

our philosophy can change because of new ideas
or it change because of new experiences that technology makes possible

we experience people differently
we have been taught fixed notions of space and time but that isn't how we experience the world anyway and those notions certainly don't work on the web

our experiential view of life is quite different from what we are taught by the default philosophy--on the web the experiential view clearly wins

education really has changed to value the experiential more
early 19th century--recitation
early 20th century--learn the basic knowledge of your field
recent ideas--undergraduate research, inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, interdisciplinary learning, team projects
knowledge is not a thing that your professors pour into your heads

traditional view--the professors know best
new direction--shared responsibility for learning