ch. 1: how does the web affect how we are social

ch. 2: space
geographical space vs. interest space (things are closer together if they are more linked
on the web geographical location is no longer a barrier

knowledge maps:
different maps use different sets of categories
linear vs. branching everywhere
some are organized and some are random thoughts connected

ch. 3
"Perhaps the web isn't shortening our attention span.  Perhaps the world is just getting more interesting." (69)
or is it just getting more busy?
differences in personal style in how it works for different people
time zones
you can pick up where you left off
not just multi-tasking but hyperthreaded (not linear, thread is story, not moments)
Narrative (story):
key information is not a list of facts but the telling of a story
by telling your story you can feel there is some meaning to your life, can learn to advocate for yourself and communicate your needs
narrative is what our attention follows