knowing the value of computer generated information and what are its limits--we take what we find on the internet as fact too often when it may not be

cooperation on the internet--people who answer your questions, open source software, Wikipedia--interdependence.  what are people motivated by besides making money

how much are people going to be willing to adapt their lives around the technology?  Is it just a matter of costs and benefits?

How much of our time do computers eat up?--doing things quicker doesn't necessarily save time, internet addiction and distraction

online communities as a substitute for real life interaction. 
how do people have time to have a life?
why is that less than meeting in person?
internet is good for support groups
people who are social only on the internet might not otherwise be social
for the majority it is a supplement--makes it easier to arrange real life communication

when does the internet become the only or standard way to do things?  what happens to the people who don't have access?

streamline communication
when does easier communication or access to information cause fundamental change