things that are ridiculous

things he got right
things we are close to
what aren't people willing to give up?
are we lumpers or splitters?

book argues that increasing rate of change is hard on us, more stress
"he doesn't embrace things the way we do"
it seems normal to us

we have bought the idea that the pace of technological change is increasing
the world is changing somewhat in the way he predicts
do we need to do something about it?
change is a bit slower than he predicted
we are doing better than he expected us to--we are used to an accelerated rate of change
we expect turnover of technology
we have more tools to deal with problems (particularly illness)
so it doesn't seems like our stress is lower than a hundred years ago
even if the younger generations are each more adapted to change will we be able to keep up forever?  with logarithmic change how can that continue
things that don't change, like automobiles--technological momentum makes it hard to change

should we do something to better manage change?