if a new technology comes out can you reject it?
can you use it partially for good

it wouldn't be possible to recreate Yod
Avram never saw Yod as a person but almost everyone else did
like the old Rossum
Malkah gives a different influence

lesson: machines shouldn't be created with human characteristics, only for a particularly purpose
think through what you are doing to its logical end before you start on it

Different perspectives on the world:

Nili was human because she was born and grew up, not programmed (Yod became human by interaction)
she could be killed, not repairable the way Yod was
What if the brain is kept alive in a machine?
What if a brain is uploaded to a machine

Book is clear that Yod was a person and has rights but not a human person
if you are conscious you are a person
you have to be genetically human
(Peter Singer, animal ethics, animals aren't any different inherently from humans)

Yod isn't clear whether what he feels is what people feel as love
He says he isn't programmed to be monogamous but he will be because he sees it would hurt Shira and he doesn't want to do that

What makes Yod a person is Malkah's programming

Star Trek episode:"What are little girls made of"
three levels: body, brain, and soul
the android could override his programming for survival
saw biological creatures as inferior

are these works of fiction raising questions we should care about?
(relative to what we should do with our science and technology)

Questions about humanoid robots:

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Point of the book:

next week we switch from non-scientists worried about the future to a scientist arguing about what is really possible