Jacob Bywater--internet 2, changes in the networking method for the internet and how this will change how society will interact with it. When does a quantitative improvement bring a fundamental difference?

Lee Cates--how new medical technology affects the patient's experience, focus on one disease.  New technology doesn't alway get accepted, why?

Elyse Dorsey--robots and balance of power on an international scale, how robots in war affect fundamental concepts of political science

Paige Gibson--brain scans that can read minds--ethical issues.  Is there data to support the claims?  What are they proposing to do with it (and who is funding the research)?  If we reject going in this direction in the future where should we stop?

Lisa Gigliotti--medical advice on the internet--how is it affecting us?  Narrow to one question--doctor patient or pick one community or impact on practice

Jessica Hoffman--medical nanobots for cardiovascular system--what will the impact be on medical practice.  Can we really find a technological fix for heart disease and not have to do anything.  How will this affect the specialty of cardiology?

Christine Melen--machines making humans superhuman.  Robot heart surgery, robot enhancement of humans, telesurgery and other forms of remote control

Jessica Merino--different perceptions of robots in movies--kids movies are more positive. 

Heather Nelson--how the internet is affecting terrorism--changing the types of terrorism, making them more technologically capable, be precise about change over time

Bailey Pearson--viral marketing--how to expand beyond one group. 
controversies over product placement in blogs
enthusiasts, opinion leaders, mainstream, laggards
for what does it work?  is this more effective than traditional advertising?

Nolan Price--communication through the internet, will it replace business meetings?  Watch out for predictions of the future by people trying to promote a technology

Amy Pruitt--subculture online communities, can get narrower and narrower, definition of community has changed, how to online communities serve people,

Robert Sagmiller--how do our laws need to change for robots? who is liable

Jillianne Smiley--text messaging in the workplace, working at home. What does text messaging give that other kinds of communication doesn't

John Smotherman--the singularity--where you create something smarter than humans.  possible questions: is it possible?  how could we control it?  who controls it?  who is funding this and what is their goal?

Charlotte Tyson--having robots designed to take care of the elderly--why do we need this? should we go in this direction

Moravec, Mind Children

Similarities with He, She and It

Do you believe his assumptions?

artificial mind--he assumes a high enough level of computer power will be enough