Hutterite children harvesting
Historical alternatives:

Problem: the isolation of farmers because they live on their farms far apart
Alternative pattern: Hutterite communal farming

Problem: concentration of land into large farms
Alternative pattern: agrarian reform
every person has the right to a share of land which is a common resource, not something that should be owned and monopolized by a few
19th century proposals for 160 acres per family, that reverted to the state on death and could not be mortgaged (today it would be 7.5 acres per person)
this is different from the eventual homestead act, which gave people land for free if they farmed it but then they could sell it

single tax on unimproved land value only would fund government services:

Problem: high-chemical use single crop farming
Alternative pattern: A return to mixed farming patterns, crop rotation... under the broad umbrella sustainable farming


organic farming has become a clear business model thanks to government regulation and is becoming larger in scale

organic farm numbers and