Moravich second half:
his timeline is certainly too optimistic
the bush seems like a good idea, though Moravich never published it in a scientific journal

What are his assumptions?

moving humans into robots in the least palatable
if the human mind is mechanistic is there no free will?
he seems to assume we will move towards combining our minds--aren't we more individualistic than that?
but science has become more group research (distributed cognition)
is the end goal to create something as close to human as possible or something better than humans

can robots innovate?
How would you make the argument on the other side--that computers can never do what humans do
either we try to make computers like humans or do we make them more efficient than humans
if they can do the job better than people then do we reduce the role for people
is human action really just programmed reactions

if it works the same it is the same?

could we mimic animals with a robot?
how about gathering the information in someone's brain and sharing it?
the internet gives us some of that

what about free will?

What is AI?