Exam question
Imagine you are a reporter in the year 2050.  Write a story about how some relatively new technology has impacted society (as of 2050).  In your story, make sure to trace the history of that technology and ideas about its impact back into the 20th century.  Pick a technology that interests you and allows you to use what you have learned in this course.  Avoid duplicating material discussed in class or that you covered in your research paper (if you pick a related technology take a very different perspective on it).

Weinberger interview

The question the course poses is, unsurprisingly: Is the Web very different from what came before, a little different, or not different? from  http://www.hyperorg.com/blogger/2008/04/18/how-important-is-the-web/

Where does he think it is going?
Step back

what are the common themes of what is going on with robots and the internet
where technology goes depends on people, not just what is most efficient