Rosie cleans up
Robots in the home

Are robots going to catch on for domestic use?  A few products are on the market, such as a robot lawn mower and a robot vacuum cleaner, as well as robot toys.  Do consumers want such technology?   Please make sure you focus on robots in the home, not in factories.  You are welcome to use the film "I, Robot" in your argument, but don't assume that the person reading your paper has seen the film.

robot vacuum cleaner
robot lawn mowers
friendly robots
robot assistance for the elderly
home robots take on a life
cleaning and household robots
history of robots
relationship between humans and robots
human-robot interaction

positive views:
Future Pundit
Robot in Society: Friend or Appliance
1985 proposal
Domestic Bliss Through Mechanical Marvels
Future Horizons predicts 39 million domestic robots
Future of Suburban Life

negative views and concerns:
A robot in every home by 2010?
The rights of robots
Delivering on the Promise of Household Robots
Robot Servants