graph of running out
                of oil
Are We Running Out of Oil?

Some scientists thing we have passed or will in a few years pass the peak of world petroleum production--it will never be possible again to produce as much oil as we now produce.  What would be the impact if gasoline cost 4 times more than it does now, which some studies think could happen in the next 5 or 10 years?  Will the availability of oil decline so much in your lifetime that gasoline-powered automobiles and oil-based plastics will no longer be feasible?  Are we going to have to transform our technology because of declining oil production in the next 30 years?

Pessimistic views:
Is the world running out of oil fast?
Oil wells that end
Are we running out of oil?
World oil and gas running out
Running out of oil, and time
The end of cheap oil
The coming global oil crisis
Oil Depletion

Optimistic views:
Are we running out of oil
The real oil problem
Will we run out of energy?

Alternatives to oil:
The coming oil shortage
What to use when the oil runs out
Finding solutions
American Energy Independence