Engineering Education in the 19th Century

Engineering education started out with tentative experiments, then boomed after 1862.  There were a total of 85 college grade engineering schools in 1880, 63 of them had been founded between 1862 and 1876.

Early experiments

 Amos Eaton
The history of Rensselaer shows the struggles of early engineering schools

 The civil war marked the beginning of a sudden change (only 5% of practicing engineers had an engineering degree in 1871):

Morrill Act became law in 1862, in the absence of opposition from the southern states (first proposed 1857, attacked on grounds of states rights and competition, passed in 1859 but vetoed on constitutional grounds).

 Fort Hill

Private engineering schools: Also newly created: universities--granting the Ph.D. degree (the first one, Johns Hopkins, was founded in 1876)

Applied science:

 Arthur D. Little

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