Test rewrite instructions:

Your rewrite is due Sept. 30.  I will give you the average between your grade on the rewrite and your original grade.  Please type your rewrite and hand it in on paper along with the graded version of your original test.

It is not sufficient on a rewrite to simply change a few sentences where the person who graded your test made comments.  You must substantially revise your essay to do a better job of answering the question, organizing your argument, and using specific examples.  We expect a slightly higher standard of writing and particularly of organization on a rewrite where you are not so limited by time.

Here are the original questions:

1. One of the ways in which technology is shaped by the people who do it is that those people bring ethics to their work.  When we think of that we usually think of each individual’s personal ethics, but engineers must also consider codes of professional ethics.  When should engineers make a decision on the basis of personal ethics and when should they make that decision on the basis of professional ethics?  Use three specific examples involving science and technology to illustrate your point, at least one of which must be a case where personal ethics matter most and one a case where professional ethics matter most.  Draw a conclusion about where the line should be drawn between matters of personal ethics and matters of professional ethics.


2. When did engineering come to meet the formal definition of a profession in the United States?  You will probably focus mostly on how engineers are trained, but make sure to consider the other aspects of the definition of a profession.  This question does not have a simple answer—you may give several different answers if you explain how each one fits.