Review for Test 1

Test instructions:

coal powered factory

A step by step plan for how to approach the essay:
  1. read the question twice
  2. use the structure of the question to list five paragraphs
    1. introduction (can be one sentence)
    2. first example or part of the question
    3. second example or part of the question
    4. third example or analysis
    5. conclusion
  3. write a one sentence introductory paragraph referring directly to the question.  Don't write anything more in your introduction unless you have extra time at the end and want to come back to it
  4. write your body paragraphs
    1. start with a topic sentence
    2. use specific historical examples, not generalizations but something that happened in a particular place and/or time or statistics
    3. write a concluding sentence that explains how your examples relate to your answer to the question
  5. write a conclusion summing up your answer to the question--one sentence is ok

Cause and effect examplesbicycle advertisement on the
              theme of cause and effect
technology push demand pull

What are the central arguments of this book?

factory scene
What are some of the questions Hobsbawm wants us to understand better?

Think about: causes of economic change

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