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The Impact of Consumer 3D Printers

3D printers print objects in the same way that a regular printer prints text. You can design your own object or print a file you got from someone else. In recent years the price of 3d printers has fallen dramatically, resulting in increased availability to the general public.  What are the benefits of widespread availability of this new technology?  What are the problems/dangers?  What benefits and problems have we already seen? How might this technology further develop?  How might this development affect individuals in their daily lives?  How will it impact society?  To what extent should this technology be regulated?  Consider what this would mean in regards to the way products are currently manufactured and made available to consumers.  Remember to keep your analysis centered on personal 3d printing; avoid discussion of industrial applications. 

Introduction to 3D Printing

Examples of useful objects that can be 3D printed

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