young students using an interactive whiteboard
Technology in the K12 Classroom

Today, schools are being pressured more and more to improve the technology they use and teach in the classrooms. Is the use of technology in education beneficial or has it detracted from the learning experience?  Are interactive whiteboards a technology that will improve learning on the K12 level, or a waste of money?  To what extent can technology help solve the problems of K12 education, or would it be better to invest the money elsewhere?  Are interactive whiteboards (Smartboards) the best choice of technology or just a fad that will soon be replaced by something different to spend money on?  You might argue that technology is a distraction from good teaching, or you might argue that providing students with some other technology would be a better use of funds.  Please focus only on technology used inside the classroom, not on online courses or Blackboard and other course management systems that primarily provide access to course material from home.