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Genetic Engineering of Humans

Should we genetically engineer humans to cure diseases and deformities before birth, or should we avoid “playing God” in regards to genetic engineering?  Please focus only on germ line genetic engineering--actually changing the child's genes in ways that will be passed on to their descendants.  If you argue in favor of genetic engineering, at what point should the genetic manipulation stop? Should it be limited to protecting the child’s quality of life, or should it extend to the parent’s desired hair color and height of the child?  Is nearsightedness a quality of life issue or a cosmetic issue?  If you argue against genetic engineering, how do you differentiate from curing diseases after a child is born compared to curing them in the womb?  Please explain both sides of the argument and then state your position.  The following sites are good starting points and sources for your paper.

General Articles:


For Genetic Engineering:


Against Genetic Engineering:

Brave New World by Alexander Huxley was written in 1931, but previewed a possible world where all humans were genetically engineered.  Huxley was not a scientist, but he does represent many of the fears people have of genetic engineering. This website contains chapter one of the book.