Using IVF for Sex Selection and Genetic Diagnosis
in vitro fertilization diagram

Today it is possible to choose the sex of babies through In Vitro-Fertilization (IVF).  Some couples use this technology because they have a preference for the sex of their child; others use this technology to ensure that sex-linked diseases, like hemophilia, are not passed to their children.  Even more advanced technology called Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) will allow people to pick genetic traits (it is intended to limit genetic disease), but could this lead to parents choosing more genetically desirable traits for their children, such as blonde hair or perfect vision?  If it is okay to pick the sex of a child to avoid genetic disease, where do we draw the line between choosing the sex of a child and choosing desired traits?  In what circumstances, if any, would it be appropriate to use PGD to pick a child's genetic traits? 

Sites on choosing the sex: These sites provide background info as well as some "surface" ethical issues.

Sites of IVF: -this site provides background on what IVF is - this is a clinic that offers IVF to choose the sex of babies


Sites on PGD: Provide info on what PGD is


Sites on Medical Ethics and Opinions:

JSTOR - Genetic Diagnosis of Human Embryos, by Andrea Bonnicksen (old article but it brings up medical and ethical issues.

JSTOR- Sex Selection: Not Obviously Wrong, by Bonnie Steinbock

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