cartoon--man with syringe chasing athlete
Enhancing Athletic Performance

With the recent highly publicized controversies regarding steroids and other performance enhancing substances in Major League Baseball and professional cycling, the use of performance enhancing substances has become a hotly debated topic.  This is a moral issue that is being changed by advances in technology--as it becomes possible to do more things technologically it becomes harder to control the use of performance enhancing substances or even draw the line of what should be prohibited.  Where would you draw the line for professional athletes? Should all performance enhancing substances be banned, including natural ones?  Should substances that have been cleared by the FDA for medical use be allowed?  Should there be a separate category for athletes who don't use drugs, as there is for "natural" body builders?  Some argue testing is pointless since technology will continuously develop new substances that will not be detected by current tests.  Some argue that we should have no testing and just let technology run its course. What do you think? (Please consider this topic only for professional athletes.),1282,68886-2,00.html?tw=wn_story_page_next1