The Impact of Online Social Networking

How is our society affected, particularly the lives of college students, by social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace?  What does is gained or lost due to the popularity of these sites, and how is social interaction altered because of their existence?  Are there advantages and/or risks associated with these sites?  Be sure to thoroughly analyze this question by using scholarly sources (not just Newsweek, etc.).

Background Info:

Note that some of these are scholarly, others less so.  Some links may only work if you are logged into the Clemson network, others will require you to click a link to get to the full text version of the article.

Privacy and Social Networks

Spatially Bounded Online Social Networks

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Facebook Investigated for Failing to Protect Users from Sexual Predators 

Social Networking: A Time Waster or the Next Big Thing in Professional Collaboration

The Benefits of Facebook Friends

Rhythms of Social Interactions