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How do we educate our children for a new world? becomes an important issue when people are aware the world is changing
True today and true also in the early 20th century.diversity actions
              by tech companies (2014)
technology as a hobby in the modern era
The modern age saw enthusiasm for technology combined with anxiety about how technology was changing people's lives
today some people are interested in reviving old skills and making things themselves in both old and new ways
"American Progress," by George Crogutt, 1873.

goddess-like figure of progress over pioneers moving

A concern about education grew out of the new technological world and there was also a concern about citizenship from the impact on the United States of the closing of the frontier (Frederick Jackson Turner--The Significance of the Frontier in American History, 1893)

Boy Scouting was one attempt at an answer.  The Boy Scouts included the experimenting with technology, but their strongest pitch was that technology is making us soft and a boy needs to experience wilderness and self-sufficiency in order to become a man
boy scout with
Technology might make you soft but wilderness experience (and hunting) and risk-taking would turn you from a weakling into a man
Modern era approach to technology and childhood?
Today, education is more concerned with preparing students to be citizens of a technological world.

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