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Three issues:
The modern era has ended and we now live in a postmodern world
World War II and the cold war changed the relationship between science and government 

 Lessons Learned from WWII
Vannevar Bush

Scientists involved in the war wanted several things after the war:  Continued military funding, a civilian Atomic Energy agency, and civilian funding source for basic scientific research 

Out of WWII came the belief that we now have the power of science.  This led to more government support for research.
First, military support for science
Impact of military funding
Federal Funding for Basic Scientific Research
Millions of Dollars (not adjusted for Inflation)

National Science Foundation

key idea--government supported research would bring benefits
this worked, for example the government created the internet, first Dept. of Defense, then NSF

The Cold War was the primary justification for all this military spending on science and technology:


 planes lined up for Berlin airlift

The Nuclear Arms Race

Cold War:

Missiles and Satellites

 Titan ICBM
 Atlas ICBM
Reconnaissance was a big need:

With all the rocket building, satellites were so clearly in the works that they were made part of the plans for the International Geophysical Year, a cooperative research effort in 1957-1958

 Sputnik 1, National Air and Space Museum
Enough work had been done on a project called Man-in-Space-Soonest by the founding of NASA (Oct.  1, 1958) so that a consensus had been reached:

 Mercury-Redstone 1
Once you have put people in space, what do you do with them? the key shift, however, came in Kennedy's political situation  
What caused the end of the cold war?

Transformation of Soviet Union

The Cold War ends:fall of the Berlin wall
Impact of the End of the Cold War on the U.S. Department of Defense The end of the cold war has left us with fewer larger goals, less sense of working towards a common goal
society and politics have become more divisive

innovation is more focused on consumers

What does Lienhard predict for the future?

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