Nye ch. 11

human looking arm with machinery inside
"Where does human infatuation with technology lead?"
Where will human enthusiasm for technology lead us?
consider a spectrum from rejecting technology (eg. Amish) to technology will allow us to do everything (eg. Kurzweil)
adoption life cyclehow do new technologies catch on
How do we live well with change?
can we improve how we choose and use technology to make our lives better? 3d printer on deskHow does technology make us more creative?

Since 2005 another alternative is coming clear: the maker movement and do it yourself
We think technology gives us freedom, wealth..., but does it really?
(We easily see these benefits of technology, but what potential problems should we pay attention to?)
What has Nye told us about technology (review)
What can we do to increase the benefits of technology and decrease the negative effects?
democracy is about choice
no- we have real choices

How do we make decisions and put those decisions into effect about what technological direction to go in?
machine crab
Will the effect of technology in the future be different from its effect so far?

We have many possible futures made possible by technology.
Which one do we want?

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