Green Building
tree with building material

Briefly discuss the practice of green building (sustainable building has subtle differences but for the purpose of this assignment the two terms can be interchanged) and its applications in both new residential construction and renovations. Remember to include an overview of the history of eco-friendly architecture as well as any important legislative developments or improvements. Then go on to spend the remainder of your paper examining the opposing arguments for and against the adoption of green building for residential construction, taking into account the various short and long term effects. Consider the current state of the economy and its potential impact on sustainable housing and the necessary materials.

 Finally, would you choose to build a ‘green’ house? Why or why not?  Be specific in your argument.

The Green Building Revolution by Jerry Yudelson.
This book is available as a preview on Google books and while it is a limited selection the section relating to the history of green building in the first chapter and then some useful information about LEED in the second is complete. The library has a copy but it is out…