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Supreme Court hears global warming case

Update: The Supreme Court decision was issued today:

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed in Aug. 2006 to hear a case where several states argue that the federal government (in particular the Environmental Protection Agency) is failing to enforce a law requiring regulation of automobile emissions of greenhouse gasses.  The states want the federal government to set standards rather than doing so themselves, as California has done for many years for other automobile pollutants.  The name of the case is Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency.  The legal issue is whether the law requires the EPA to regulate greenhouse gasses from cars or whether the agency can choose not to regulate.   One survey states:

It is also important to underscore that this case is not about the science of climate change. There is no dispute that human emissions of greenhouse gases affect the global climate. Rather, the fundamental issues are whether the Clean Air Act mandates the sort of regulatory action the petitioners seek, and whether these (or any) petitioners are entitled to bring these claims in court.

What do you think the Supreme Court will decide?  Do you think that would be the right decision?  Why or why not?   The decision might be handed down before the paper is due, in which case you should discuss the reasons for the decision.

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