Wilderness as a Fad


How are ideas connected to action?
How the idea spreads:
Wilderness experience became a fad in the early 20th century U.S.
How was life changing at that time?
People were living in an increasingly urban and technological world, became aware that they had less contact with nature and regretted it.
"American Progress," by George Crogutt, 1873.
goddess-like figure of progress over pioneers moving
Frederick Jackson Turner--The Frontier in American History
Popularity of Boy Scouting was because people saw it as an answer
boy scout with axe
Wilderness experience (and hunting) would turn you from a weakling into a man
Women instead adopted the idea that wilderness was a way to get closer to God or talked about experiencing the sublime
women in skirts on a
            snowy mountain
Olmstead, who designed Central Park in New York, said "we grow more and more artificial by the day"
in the mid 19th century only a small group was interested in wilderness
by the early 20th century enthusiasm for wilderness has become much more common

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