Introduction to Nuclear Power

Ideas today about what to do about global warming go in several different directions

Should we build new nuclear power plants?

Some of the scientists who had built the first atomic bomb put their energy into the arms race, others saw the only way to make it all worthwhile to be to develop peaceful uses for atomic energy

first reactor to supply electricity
  Light bulbs lit by first US reactor to supply electricity
first nuclear submarine
 first nuclear submarine
A number of technologies were possible for nuclear power plants
Arco, Idaho
 Experimental Breeder Reactor
Period of slow development of commercial use
1971 Robinson plant near Hartsville SC
 1971 Robinson plant near Hartsville SC
The period of enthusiasm

The beginning of the decline

Example Oconee Nuclear Plant relicensing (first given a 40 year license in 1973-4)
corroding metal at the nuclear power plant

New nuclear power plants
diagram of yucca
        mountaing nuclear waste storage site

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