Conclusion: Environmental Politics

environmental history: story of change over time in human beings' relationship with our environment
in a course about environmental history--how important is politics? (how do we do something)
What are the possible approaches to getting people to wear seatbelts?
Laws are effective, but if we try to do everything by laws we take away too much freedom.

The book isn't limited to politics, it also wants you to think about other ways to change behavior.
For some things we have to persuade individuals to behave differently by their own choice.
If individual choices are as important as government policies, the larger issue is concern
diagram of different things we can do
              for environment

what has changed?
History in a nutshell
what the government can do to help the environment is limited by: public opinion, property rights, costs, what is scientifically feasible...

Could you write a history of the environment in the last 40 years around the key laws?  You would leave out an awful lot.

cartoon--city is getting closer and
                closer to farm
We want contradictory things--
Are we ready to face limits?--we can't continue to go on using more and more energy and resources, we are going to have to accept at some point that we need to make do with less