Test rewrite instructions:

Rewriting the test is optional.  If you wish to do so, your rewrite is due Feb. 24 in class.  Late rewrites will not be accepted.  I will give you the average between your grade on the rewrite and your original grade.  Please type your rewrite, print it out, and hand it in at the beginning of class along with the graded version of your original test.

It is not sufficient on a rewrite to simply change a few sentences where the person who graded your test made comments.  You must substantially revise your essay to do a better job of answering the question, organizing your argument, and using specific examples.  You may want to go talk to the person who graded your test during their office hours (or email for an appointment at another time) to get more help on rewriting.  We expect a slightly higher standard of writing and particularly of organization on a rewrite where you are not so limited by time.  If your grade on the rewrite is lower than on the original test the posted grade will be lowered to the average of the two grades.

Here are the original questions:

1.      Pick two specific places—one where Europeans succeeded and one where they didn’t succeed--and use Crosby’s argument to explain why Europeans came to dominate one and were less successful in colonizing the other (before 1800).  Make sure to give details of the ecosystem in each place.  Are there other explanations that Crosby leaves out?
2.      To what extent did the Europeans completely change the ecosystems of the neo-Europes into something that mimicked Europe?  Why was this possible?  Use two places as your examples so you can go into some detail about the specific change that happened there.