Nature isn't outside of us, it is modified by humans
Should we accept that and try to modify nature for good?
Neo-Europes (places where the Europeans were successful in transforming the environment to look like home):
So how did Europeans succeed in those places?
European plants were somehow better?  That doesn't make ecological sense.  European plants couldn't possibly be better adapted to the environment.  What were the advantages that European plants had?

What is a weed?
plantain weed
broad-leaved plantain

European plants replaced native plants to a considerable extent
map showing percent of non-native trees in forests
key for map
Non-Native Plant Species in North American Forests

These introduced plants are called non-indigenous or non-native species, and if they cause problems they are called invasive species.  How do they:  1. arrive, 2. survive, 3. thrive ?

Europeans plants were at first mostly brought on purpose (and weeds came with the crops):
Why did European plants survive and thrive in the neo-Europes and not vice-versa?
this surprising and needs to be explained
soil torn up by hogs
damage done by feral hogs
European plants became weeds and took over in the neo-Europes, why didn't imported plants become a significant problem in Europe?
European plants were more adapted to disturbed soil and the Europeans disturbed the soil
European plants were more aggressive in some situations (able to spread quickly)

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