Hamblin 8
map of herbicide use in Vietnam
remember to notice what stage a particular technology is in:
research--development--production--deployment--operational use

Herbicides were widely used in Vietnam--more than 20 million gallons, about 15% of the land was sprayed
much research went on to find new herbicides, but the new ones didn't come into use

there was criticism of the use of herbicides to kill both crops and natural vegetation--environmental damage

the most common herbicide used was Agent Orange
considered to be safe but in large-scale use caused health problems and birth defects
veterans who served in Vietnam can now get service related disability for many chronic diseases and cancers

Environmental impact on South Vietnam

Military effectiveness

Nixon's response:

Thanks to a student for researching what happened to the Scottish island contaminated with Anthrax!

The British poured formaldehyde (a toxic and corrosive compound that evaporates quickly and is broken down by sunlight) watered down with sea water onto the island until it was clean. They tested the soil afterwards, and performed tests with live sheep who survived after grazing on the island. The island was then sold back to the family of it's original owners for the price they bought it at, 500 pounds. I found this interesting, because it gives a little picture into what the impact of chemical/biological warfare could have on a country.