Farber 3

the kind of evidence that scientists aren't seeing: Edward Bouchet (and more on his career)

Where does the variation we see in human beings come from
environment: (first level; variation caused by the environment is not passed on to offspring)

humans make sense of the world by putting things into categories
we think those categories are realer than they are

Boaz quote

How scientists moved away from scientific racism:

Franz Boas had experienced anti-Semitism in Germany and was committed to fighting racial prejudice
ancestry vs. self-description

Other anthropologists continued the work

Why did the Nazi campaign against the Jews and others seen as inferior end talk about eugenics?

In a UNESCO statement in 1950 first social scientists and then physical anthropologists and geneticists backed the statement that races had long been mixed and race mixing had no harmful consequences

What effect did this have?  Consider chapter 1.