Gies 6

Being specific enough in reading responses, papers, and test essays:

Note the quote on p. 178 from Robert Lopez: "Wool yarn... was coarser and cheaper; there was no incentive to invest in a costly machine while it was possible to put out the wool to underpaid spinstresses."  What changed that calculation?
how did people decided whether they were interested in new machines to do a task

The disastrous 14th century had little effect on the economy or technology--or even a beneficial effect: shortage of labor and disrupted old patterns

Climate change:
medieval climate change

The putting out system:
history of accounting:

Master masons who built cathedrals and large buildings

Blast furnace: water powered bellows and a special furnace shape to produce a furnace hot enough to melt iron

Invention of the clock

improvements in road building and ships, with more useful compasses (but the problem is you need to know where you are more than what direction you are going)
spread of Greek knowledge and some efforts to improve on it