Gies 7

The Gies's have been setting up an argument that the Renaissance was a continuation of trends in the Middle Ages, not an abrupt change
Those trends get to a tipping point

There are many steps to an invention.  For example, what counts as the invention of the airplane?
Leonardo issue—it isn't an invention if you don’t bring it into use (it isn't a discovery if you don't make it public)

renaissance printing press
Invention of the printing press: Early impacts of the printing press:
The second generation of printers began to imagine what other things could be done with printing
Consider the impact of the printing press on religion:
Gunpowder weapons: military technology became critical because of fighting to control sea routes
early cannon
Leonardo Da Vinci and similar work show a new enthusiasm for machines
If you want more on Leonardo, is rather old-fashioned history but covers a lot of his engineering

Magellan's ships

p. 287-8: "in the 'non-material infrastructure' of medieval Europe was a spirit of progress whose ingredients included intellectual curiousity, a love of tinkering, and ambition 'to serve God' and also 'to grow rich as all men desire to do.