Mokyr 2-4

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the middle ages saw more technological creativity than the ancient world
more important, technology was larger driver of economic growth
technology still diffused slowly, particularly agriculture which is so dependent on local conditions

what characteristics of a society spur technological progress/economic growth? and which hinder?
What is new in Mokyr's discussion of the middle ages (notice the choices historians make):

the Islamic world was most advanced in the early middle ages

p. 55: "It may be true, as Alfred North Whitehead has stated, that as far as science is concerned, Europe still knew less in 1500 than Archimedes knew in 212 B.C.  As far as technology is concerned, this assessment is definitely false."

What specifically was the character of technological creativity in medieval Europe?

Mokyr sees the renaissance as a time of less impressive technological change of economic importance (see the paragraph at the bottom of 57 and top of 58)

What slowed things down

The age of exploration brought new plants and products

Scientific Revolution ( a somewhat more detailed overview ):

early telescope
 the telescope

The scientific revolution was not immediately practical, but scientists did make their own instruments
(more on what was new in science)