Wrigley 9

before the industrial revolution the mass of any population was stuck in "laborious poverty"
energy was limited and population tended to rise
limited growth
are there limits to economic growth or does technology allow us to get around those limits?

technology does allow improvements in the productivity of the land, but they will reach a limit
coal allows dramatically improved productivity (Wrigley makes one argument for 100x on page 244)
100x the energy per person doesn't get you much if you can't grow enough food, so those improvements are also crucial

Necessary conditions for the industrial revolution?

Pandora's jar:

the industrial revolution created wealth, abundant resources, a rise in the general standard of living
substantially altered human lives

world energy consumption by source

technology-based economic growth has depended on exponential growth in energy use
what would it take to continue that?

what technologies are Pandora's jar technologies today?