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notice again that historians disagree on their interpretations of what happened

what does it mean to say the industrial revolution vastly increased human-kind's productive capacity?

not only why did rapid economic growth begin
but also why did it not come to an end

Is there no consensus about the industrial revolution?
•    Did the industrial revolution in the moderately short run, make the lives of working class people worse or better
•    What caused the industrial revolution to start?

The major technological revolutions (see also  Five Industrial Revolutions )

  1. settled agriculture  about 7000 BCE
  2. the development of cities about 3000 BCE
  3. the medieval technological revolution approx. 800-1300 AD
  4. the age of exploration and the scientific revolution approx. 1400-1700
  5. the British Industrial Revolution approx. 1750-1830
  6. Mass production of metal goods (American system, assembly line) approx. 1840-1920
  7. The computer 1946-
graph of waves of

An industrial revolution is a fundamental economic change:

why didn't people at the time realize they were living in a revolutionary time?
•    Day to day lives of the people writing didn’t change that much
•    The economic theory of the time led economists to not think it was a big deal
•    Hard to have perspective on what changes meant