Westinghouse first focused on the Chicago World's Fair, called the World's Columbian Exposition
he bid so low on the contract to provide electricity to the whole fair that he had to simplify his system and use mostly single phase AC
Telsa had his own exhibit with his more advanced motors
Tesla needs a reputation as an inventor and his name to be in the press so that people will invest in his new invention
he wants to fulfill his dream of power from Niagara Falls even if he doesn't make money off it
Electricity Hall
the electric lighting gave people a feeling of awe about what new technology was going to be able to do

much more here on Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls
Niagara Powerhouse
          (generators)what were the choices at Niagara Falls
Tesla worked closely with the Westinghouse company because he wanted his equipment used even though he no longer got anything from the patents
the company developing Niagara was not easy to convince
in the end Tesla played a key role in Westinghouse getting the contract for the generators at Niagara
showing the advantage of polyphase for moving electricity longer distances, initially to the city of Buffalo
Anderson SC

Meanwhile Tesla was working on wireless lighting