Is Tesla inventing a radio system:
Tesla is focused back on wireless power, transmitting through the earth with the return part of the circuit through the air via electromagnetic waves
he does also see the potential of communication using the same technology
he heads to Colorado to test on a larger scale

the key question was whether the earth had an electrical potential that would magnify the power Tesla transmitted
First level explanation:
he also worked on how to tune a system using electromagnetic waves for communication with a device called a magnifying transmitter (photo to right, emitting sparks that are actually a waste of energy produced to make a good photo)

Tesla then returned to New York to write up his patents
he sought publicity in the popular press rather than scientific journals

wrote up a history of human development with a law:
Human energy = mass of humans * velocity of progress squared divided by 2
he believed electricity was key to speeding up progress
scientists felt Tesla was going too far into speculation
electrical engineering was more professionalized and had less room for sensationalism
at the same time Tesla is getting less careful about proving things
Tesla is becoming more of a dreamer of big things, just when the industry is becoming more practical and scientific

Despite this J. P. Morgan provided some funding by buying half of Telsa's patent rights for wireless transmission
(J.P. Mogan's nose)
Tesla then built a new laboratory on Long Island with a tower and a well full of metal pipes to transmit electricity into the ground
he was running out of money to realize his ambitious plans
but he was building a full scale wireless power transmitter in confidence that it would work