Apple and PARC graphics
Bob Taylor and the big PARC demonstration:

How did the Xerox PARC's Alto computer compare with the Apple II?

Why did Xerox top management not support commercialization of the Alto?

Mike Markkula and Apple:

Jobs did not have the background to write a business plan, Wozniak had a job and wasn't interested
Markkula wrote a business plan focused on a home computer market
realized the potential and also that marketing would be key
he was rich enough to not need to work, but was intrigued by an opportunity that needed his skill

getting the computers manufacturedearly Apple 2
what are people going to do with them? particularly at a price of $1,298
there were competitors: Radio Shack/Tandy and Commodore

education market!  Apple Education Foundation gave money for educational research
Markkula, Scott and Carter were all in their mid to late 30s with business experience

Apple created a software bank and offered gift certificates to people who developed games and other software
how to load that software? invention of the 5 1/4 inch floppy disk drive

it isn't clear that Apple can stay ahead of the competition