Borg 1

  1. the first people to own automobiles were wealthy
  2. saw automobiles as a replacement for a horse and carriage
  3. early automobiles frequently had to be fixed during a trip
  4. result is chauffeur-mechanics
  5. but it didn't work to treat chauffeur-mechanics like coachmen
  6. because they had specialized knowledge
what is a profession?
behind that is discomfort over the power of someone with specialized knowledge

before the automobile wealthy families employed a coachman who had some independence but was expected to show deference

early automobiles broke down a lot and required lots of maintenance

someone with experience with machines dealt with automobiles better than a re-trained coachman
but chauffeurs with mechanical knowledge didn't fit into the traditional deferential role
they saw themselves as more like railroad engineers than coachmen

some automobile owners learned about automobile repair so their chauffeurs would not have an advantage over them

by 1910 the system was already shifting
from a reading response:
"People try to find a way to downplay the reliance they have on other people by focusing on the technology and distancing themselves from those who maintain technology and allow it to happen... People like to think technology makes them more independent and more powerful, yet they rely on people they consider to be below them or a source of discomfort in order to continue to enjoy technological advancements."
automobile registration and drivers licenses