The Depression and New Deal

After World War I:
brief economic depression as industry readjusts--many new products
1920s mostly a boom time, except in agriculture

 migrant workers, 1936  
What caused the great depression:
The stock market crash--people had bought stocks on credit and driven up prices unreasonably (speculative bubble)
overproduction in agriculture--produce too much, price goes down, farmers produce more to try to maintain their income
the saturation of the automobile market caused the great depression?
terrible economic problems in Europe, led to restrictions on trade that snowball until international trade is cut way back

Did science and technology cause the Great Depression?

Stock Market crash Oct. 1929 
stock market graph The New Deal: big projects run by federal government

 Big Ridge Dam, TVA

power farming displaces tenants, Texas 1938

In the Great Depression conditions in the southern textile mill towns became desperate

New Deal Mural
 The New Deal, by Conrad A. Albrizio, 1934
strikers in Spartanburg
Spartanburg flying squadron leaving Apalache mill
After the war the mills became less of the center of the community
modern weaving

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