Kline 5

electricity was initially seen as a luxury
how did it come to be seen as a right?

was electrification something to simply be left to the process of capitalism, or should government step in?
Industry was taking the approach that it was too expensive to provide electric lines to farms unless farmers paid in advance the cost of constructing the lines (for example $1000 per mile of line in Michigan)

Example: why Anderson SC is known as Electric City
Portman Shoals Generator in Anderson

There were lots of proposals for rural electrification before REA.  Why pay attention to the proposals that failed?

p. 138 1930 census figures:

The Tennessee Valley Authority was one of the bills passed in the first 100 days of the New Deal (May 1933)

The Rural Electrification Authority came later, in 1935 in temporary form, permanent in 1936How should it go about the work?

what worked was non-profit cooperatives which used federal loans to build lines and bought power from private industry