Rome Conclusion and review

Take-home final instructions: Write an essay of 3-4 double spaced pages on the following topic.  You must cite your sources and quote and paraphrase correctly but you can use informal references. Make sure to organize your argument into paragraphs with topic sentences and use specific evidence.

Take-home final exam topic: How and why did the thinking of Americans shift from seeing the natural world as an unlimited resource for human use to seeing it as a limited and irreplaceable resource that should be protected?  Use one detailed example from each assigned book to support your argument.  Make sure your argument includes some set of historical steps and some explanation(s) of why. In your conclusion try to make an argument for a larger pattern.

Rome conclusion:

William Kapp's theory that capitalism has a flaw that it isn't the job of businesses to take into account the costs that society bears
Homebuilders did not take into account environmental costs because they did not have to pay them

p. 257 national leaders "saw widespread homeownership as a major way to overcome 'the unmistakable contradiction between actual social inequalities and an egalitarian ideology.'"

How to remedy the problem of the environmental costs of mass suburbs?

is development in Clemson a problem? Mellow Mushroom site