Cronon 2

How did the early settlers see the new world?
What impressed them about the new world? How accurate was that
forest changes

Areas that had had major forest fires were dominated by pines--Europeans mistakenly expected they would find them everywhere
Why does the type of tree matter?

salt marshes were of value for migratory birds and hay

we need to be careful about talking about how the ecosystem changed


When the pilgrims arrived in Plymouth they described what they saw as a "hideous and desolate wilderness" (William Bradford)

four maps showing
          continental drift
Continental drift

200 million years ago all the continents had combined to form Pangaea
when they split North America stayed with Europe at first, so the plants and animals are less different
the plants and animals in Australia and New Zealand were more different because they were isolated for so long

What is result of the continents separating?
a painting showing many different australian mammals

What happened when the first human beings arrived in some of the isolated areas?