Cronon 8 and afterword

Afterword first:
How did things get to be this way?

A default form for your paper:
  1. Introduction: A and B show similar patterns and also differences caused by X
  2. the pattern of A
  3. what forces shaped A
  4. the pattern of B
  5. what forces shaped B
  6. a discussion of X as a key cause of the differences
  7. conclusion

Chapter 8:
How did the ecosystem of New England change between 1600 and 1800?

density of exotic plants
Europeans brought not only a new economic system but also a new ecosystem

They changed Indian culture as much, although the Indians continued to see themselves as a separate people

Be careful in thinking about the dramatic change from 1600 to 1800:

It took a while even for the colonists to move fully to a market and commodity relationship with the environment