Earley 4

the ecosystem is interlinked:
the longleaf pine ecosystem is not just trees but many interdependent plants and animals
gopher tortoise
Gopher Tortoise digs burrows that other animals use

Red Cockaded Woodpecker

excavates nesting cavities in living trees--usually takes several years
a fungus causes red heart disease, rotting the inside wood of the tree, making it easier to dig into--requires trees that are close to 90 years old
woodpeckers live in family groups
they need open pine savannah without small trees between the pines to make it harder for snakes to eat their young

how can you keep this species from going extinct?

Should we decide what to preserve based on benefits to human beings?
Or argue that natural environments have a right to survive whether they benefit humans or not
but the bird doesn't require an undisturbed environment but rather one with human management

Southeastern fox squirrel
fox squirrel
a bigger squirrel able to handle longleaf cones

insects also play a key role