Rome 7

Write an essay of 3-4 double spaced pages on the following topic.  You must cite your sources and quote and paraphrase correctly but you can use informal references. Make sure to organize your argument into paragraphs with topic sentences and use specific evidence.

Take-home final exam topic: How and why did the thinking of Americans shift from seeing the natural world as an unlimited resource for human use to seeing it as a limited and irreplaceable resource that should be protected?  Use one detailed example from each book to support your argument.  Make sure your argument includes some set of historical steps and some explanation(s) of why.

National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (signed by Nixon Jan. 1, 1970)

Land Ethic:

So to what extent was there the bigger picture of a land ethic, not just solving problems one at a time as they became unbearable?

In South Carolina land use regulation is on a county by county basis, based on the Local Government Comprehensive Planning Enabling Act of 1994

Legal question: if new regulations reduce the value of a property, should the government have to compensate the landowner (should it be defined as a "taking" of property)

This became a national debate in the early 1970s