Write an essay of 3-4 double spaced pages on the following topic.  You must cite your sources and quote and paraphrase correctly but you can use informal references. Make sure to organize your argument into paragraphs with topic sentences and use specific evidence.

Takehome final exam question: How and why have changes in society since the early modern era changed the questions scientists ask?  Use an example from each book to support your argument. Note that this question is about the impact of society on science, not the other way around. You probably want to pick examples of scientific questions that are more shaped by society, not the ones that are very narrow.

examples of the questions scientists ask:
Picasso guitar
Today's reading: article on The Future of Science is Art
The old view was that scientific knowledge is a linear ascent, that is, progress is steady and always forward.  As we collect more data science will give us more answers. Some people believed that science was the sole source of Truth

But it is more complicated than that; the scientific method you were taught in middle school is oversimplified. Science is messy and human and there are other kinds of knowledge

ways in which science is different from other kinds of knowledge:
 Different understandings that there is more than reductionist science can explain:

William James was a pioneer of psychology but also studied The Varieties of Religious Experience: he wanted to study both the mechanics of the brain and the mind from within

Science is based on experimental data and testability, and that is what makes it self-correcting....eventually
but where does creativity come from? seeing a painting could give a scientist a new idea to try out
it does discover things more surprising than we ever imagined, things that we can understand only by analogy

there are fields that blend the two, such as architecture.  Example of science studying the arts

Two key points to the article: