Larson 11

what's changing on the science side?  some prominent scientists making public statements that science will replace religion, new approaches to teaching

big patterns behind this story:
some leading scientists (including grandson Julian Huxley) saw the social implications of the modern synthesis to be a belief in the potential for improvement of human society

New biology text, BSCS, Biological Sciences Curriculum Study

What is changing on the religion side? theologically and socially conservative churches are growing, their positions on creation are changing, and they are concerned about education
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Theologically conservative churches were growing faster than mainline churches

some conservative Christians set out to in the 1970s lay out a science based on biblical creation: scientific creationism or creation science. 

the next attempt to provide a Christian alternative to the teaching of evolution in public schools was the theory of Intelligent Design, revived in the 1990s

views on evolution trends in views on evolution